Browser Compatibility

This page explains the browsers expected to work for this site. When I say it should work, it means that I build my site based on these platforms.

The last checked compatible versions of popular browsers and their versions are as follows:

Newer versions or builds should support the current site update. Anything older in recent years (5-8 years from 2020) should also work. Except for Internet Explorer 11 or older, that’s an exception because MSIE loves to be different and difficult.

From time-to-time small codes will be removed or added and that may cause slight to major error in some browsers. I build my sites mainly on Firefox for the following layman-reasons.

  • It’s light
  • If it works in FF, it should work in Chrome
  • Opera is a hit and miss
  • Edge plays nice recently but unexpected errors happen

Last Update: 13 January 2020


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