Last updated: 30 November 2020

I recently change the domain name and the site’s name as well. Nothing new just cleaning up things for longer commitment. Didn’t write as frequent as I had hoped for. After all, this is just a personal archive not targeting a public audience. If you did read anything and you liked it, thank you. Drop a comment, say hi will you?

Last updated: 14 May 2020

I have now make this site mobile friendly especially for phones. Thanks to discovering css-grid. I’m so late to the party.

On tablets you should view it in full desktop mode. Awesome.

I have however disabled some widgets in the footer area because the plugins are not playing nice with dimensions. So, I hide them totally. If you insist, on your phone – view in landscape and full desktop size.

Not that it matters.

Last updated: 18 July 2020

I have no plans for a mobile-friendly website. Looks okay on tablets/medium sized screens. If the site looks disproportionate among elements on it or just “weird”, read this.

BRT doesn’t stand for anything, just a shortened spelling of my name. Also, you can say it’s Bert’s Ridiculous Things.

This is a private domain and serves no specific purpose. You’re welcome to browse around, who knows what you’ll find?

I am not a designer or a developer, just a hobbyist going in and out of coding. Towards the end of November 2019 I was motivated to go live again after discovering more ideas to do on a webserver. The blog is there for whenever I need to scribble or rant. I am really not expecting any readership for this site. From time to time this page will expand as I find more time and effort to do so.


What’s the foundation of this site? I am using these.

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The rest of the tools are used internally and non-public, but if you want to use these on your own site, check it.

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