Hi, I’m Still Alive

Long time, no write.

It’s been over a year now since COVID started (18 March 2020?) and many things have changed.

It’s been an opportunity for me to showcase some of my other capabilities at work. As a result, I think, I am given a new post. Actually not so new, my former post. I’ve suffered 5 years of feeling incompetent at work. Then I learned not to be too hard on myself and not be too serious in my work (yes, that can be applicable in some scenarios).

I was told today that I’m a third-tier COVID contact at work, so I’ll be out for a week from the office and work from home. I’m not worried about being infected but I worry about other people who are physically close to me should I be tested positive.

COVID is a perfect time to distant ourselves permanently 😉

I’m thinking of you, stranger.

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