I’m 11 days late for this year’s post. I don’t really have anything to say but just to leave a mark here. In recent weeks I’ve been lazy to play with codes again because I am trying to catch up with real life. A little change here and there.

Today’s the 11th day of January 2021. I started working again after a month’s leave. A month’s leave at ‘this’ age kinda suck; the current pandemic doesn’t help. Hey, if you’re reading this in future (if any) there’s a pandemic that has been going on since December 2019 (some research says earlier than that). Where I come from, lockdowns and movement controls have been taking place since early March 2019. It was of course, once in a lifetime experience for all humans. I don’t want to be pessimistic but the future is still unknown in regards to this virus.

There is no sign of zombie apocalypse yet if you’re wondering. At this stage, infection rates are high but not so much the death rate. As usual, the old and the children are more affected although reports of dead young people are not uncommon either so, I’m not sure how the virus works now.

There are apparently vaccines being distributed, IIRC they’re from China, US and Russia. However, they’re at testing stages so the recipients are mostly volunteers. Just wait and see.

People still lead somewhat normal lives, I still can go out for some beers and that’s fine to me. There’s no sight of DIY armours and weapons yet so, we’re good.

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