Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live

Khruangbin is a Thai name but these guys are not Thai.

It’s so hard to find a band I can enjoy at 30+ years of age. This band’s sounds gets to me. It has the ingredients of all musical elements that I like. It is an instrumental 3-piece band, which makes it more exciting because, limited band members = higher creativity.

You have to listen to it yourself.

What They Remind Me of

  1. A classic instrumental band from the orient (that is definitely intended, as they have mentioned in some interview).
  2. The Shadows
  3. Treble Spankers
  4. All the psychedelic stuff

How to Enjoy

  1. Find a dimly lit space.
  2. Prepare your favourite drink (some people use drugs but stay off drugs kids).
  3. Enjoy the music.

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