List: Reasons to Have a Web Server

Last Updated: 12 May 2020

There are many reasons to have a web server but this usually appeals to professionals or (insert something)-master-race. I’ll list down the reasons why a hobbyist (or to-be hobbyists) should have a web server.

These are the ones that I myself experience and this list will be updated in the long future. Just search for this list using the category menu.

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A web server here doesn’t have to be online. It can be a local web server installed on your central PC. The downside of a local server is you need to have PC (server) running 24 hours to serve the purpose. Also, you can’t connect it from outside of your home WiFi easily. The things I mention here can be done offline or online. Whichever is beneficial is up to your decision.

General List

  1. A digital home: How does a home address be beneficial? It’s the same with a domain address. You can make it your personal identity for leisure and especially for work. Since internet presence is common for a lot of people, you can take things to another level. Say you have a Facebook page, and you want a business associate to remember your Internet address. You can point your own domain (say and you can forward that address to your Facebook profile page!
  2. Custom Email: Part of having a digital home (Item #1). Like you can have your own email address to your liking for example Looks more professional if you use that in a business card.
  3. Cloud Storage: Yes, make your own cloud storage. Not necessarily building an entire application (of course technically you can) but have your own storage maintained elsewhere. If you’re just in it for the storage it may be more expensive than a conventional cloud storage subscription.
  4. A Diary/Blog: If you despise Facebook status and the likes, here’s a better place to write your thoughts (without forcing people to scroll through your stuff accidentally). Why blog? Read here.
  5. Home Media/Storage: A lot of article mention this but I guess it depends on what kind of apps do you need. It’s unnecessary and a bit of an overkill. To me, if you need to stream Netflix for example, you can have a tablet/iPad to do the job for you. Heck, even your phone.
  6. Game server: Useful when you have the same game party and want to maintain good performance. I have not tried this but now that I wrote this I think I have more reason now. Let me study it first.
  7. Develop Web API: Web APIs are interfaces you can interact with to obtain all kinds of re-usable data. There’s a huge database of everything waiting to be sliced and shared. Look at this website to see some of the Web APIs out there.

Specifics List

  1. Telegram Bot: Remember mIRC? Remember how your friends used to slap you virtually with a trout fish? You can make the same thing in Telegram’s chat client. If you’re creative enough there are many web APIs that can make your bot useful. I’ve written some articles on that, check the categories menu.
  2. Discord Bot: Recently I use Discord a lot for this particular game I’m very active in. So this might be the next bot I’m building we’ll see.
  3. Jirafeau: A file upload/share manager. Need a quick sharing point? Upload your files here and share the link to someone. Performance of this thing depends on your webserver though (looks at my cheap hosting option).
  4. YOURLS: Fancy a file shortener programme? Very handy if you need to send multiples links that are too long and hard to remember. If those links are yours, you can analyze the traffics through those shortened links with YOURLS too. There are more advanced options out there but I’m too lazy to figure them out so I use this.
  5. QR Code Generator: As the name says. I use this a lot for work. Do you need one? Visit the source. I use this whenever I need to point people to web pages or online forms. Since people are on their phones all the time, sending links to their phone have never been easier. Make a simple notice, insert the QR image and let people scan it. Awesome stuff.


If things I said didn’t convince you. Google it. What do you think of this list? Got more ideas? Please share in the comments.

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