Spreadsheet to Mobile App

Would you want to make an app but find programming hard? Are you the type of person who Excels your thoughts and ideas? Then Glideapps is for you!

If you’re thinking of a cross compatible app, Glideapps allow you to create your app using Google Sheets so you can convert them into usable webapps across Android and iOS devices.

You can choose to create a personal app (pin protected) or a public accessible app (with or without email signin) plus all the premium features available through subscription (free version won’t cripple the opportunity to use it!). The free one allows you to create a basic functional app with no professional personalization. If you’re in love with it, subscribing to the premium plan won’t hurt. One of the creative ways I’ve seen people use Glideapps is to use it as a “check-in” app for a conference attendance. Smart and efficient!

If you already have awesome spreadsheets that are ready to be turned into apps, be sure to check it out.

I’m currently on a hunt for simple app making apps; if you have some recommendations, please let me know 🙂

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