Hi. I’m 11 days late for this year’s post. I don’t really have anything to say but just to leave a mark here. In recent weeks I’ve been lazy to […]


Khruangbin is a Thai name but these guys are not Thai. It’s so hard to find a band I can enjoy at 30+ years of age. This band’s sounds gets […]

Dream #9

I think once in a while I’m gonna share some random music videos that I like; either because of the video or the song itself.

Telegram Bot: Using json_decode()

PHP + Webhook + JSON If you’re using pure PHP and Webhook to create your Telegram bot, hopefully these can be useful tips on how to process JSON data. Here’s […]

Telegram Bot: Give Your Bot Some Tips

Intro If you already know how to create a Telegram bot you probably don’t need this. Newbies only 🙂 Previously I wrote an entry on how to create a basic […]

Telegram Bot: Chatbot with PHP

So here’s something that I just learned. It worked for me but funny thing is I don’t really understand how it works. Hahah… I can code a little in PHP […]

Javascript: Randomizing

Javascript does many with little effort. One of my favourite thing to do is randomizing elements. It either serves you a specific purpose or you’re like me; you get bored […]

Spreadsheet to Mobile App

Would you want to make an app but find programming hard? Are you the type of person who Excels your thoughts and ideas? Then Glideapps is for you! If you’re […]


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