Simple yet Meaningful…

Grateful yet… Case in point: other people setting up a birthday surprise for you with a cake and attending friends/family. Why would anyone say, “Thank you for the surprise. Simple […]

Culture Evolution

A culture never dies. It evolves. If everyone sticks to their old culture, perhaps we will not be having population crisis now.


Hi. I’m 11 days late for this year’s post. I don’t really have anything to say but just to leave a mark here. In recent weeks I’ve been lazy to […]


Khruangbin is a Thai name but these guys are not Thai. It’s so hard to find a band I can enjoy at 30+ years of age. This band’s sounds gets […]

Dream #9

I think once in a while I’m gonna share some random music videos that I like; either because of the video or the song itself.

Telegram Bot: Using json_decode()

PHP + Webhook + JSON If you’re using pure PHP and Webhook to create your Telegram bot, hopefully these can be useful tips on how to process JSON data. Here’s […]

Telegram Bot: Give Your Bot Some Tips

Intro If you already know how to create a Telegram bot you probably don’t need this. Newbies only 🙂 Previously I wrote an entry on how to create a basic […]

Telegram Bot: Chatbot with PHP

So here’s something that I just learned. It worked for me but funny thing is I don’t really understand how it works. Hahah… I can code a little in PHP […]


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